Who We Are

VWS HOLDING is a leader in hair lightening product. All of our hair lightening products are manufactured in Italy.

VWS HOLDING was born in 2001 with our perfect blond hair lightening product line. Following the great success obtained with the perfect blond hair lightener line, in 2010 we broadens our offer and launches the Blond & Protect, Pearly Blond, and Fast Blond hair lightener line. Our lighteners are enriched with oils and floral extracts, thanks to their success have turned our lightener product into the perfect addition to every salon.


Our Values

Innovation is in our DNA and we bring to marker great quality at an affordable price that performs well with elegant design and sophisticated image. These are the values that guide us day after day. We focus and dedicate our resources to identifying high-performing hair lightening formulas that out-perform our competitors and guarantee to achieve the best results and pleasant to use.


Growing Together

We believe that talent and professionalism are key elements for standing out in the world of hairstyling. We share your enthusiasm and passion for hairdressing and customer service and we aim to enhance your professional growth by delivering high quality product.