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SLIKAT DANDRUFF ACTIVE SHAMPOO is a shampoo specially formulated to fight dandruff and prevent its recurrence. High intensity of the piroctone olamine action lets you normalize the flacking. The undecylenic amid propyl Betaine is par excellence the active ingredient more effective against dandruff. Combats “furfuraceous desquamation” (scalp flaking) and prevents its recurrence. The aromatic note is a blend of fruity notes where the Apple scent is accompanied of Kiwi and Gooseberry with a slight undercurrent of Coconut. For best results use the SILKAT DANDRUFF treatment regularly SLIKAT DANDRUFF ACTIVE LOTION is a product with a progressive action which normalizes the flacking of the scalp. One of its active ingredients, the piroctone olamine, plays as a shock therapy against all type of dandruff by adding volume and lightness to the hair. The hydro glycolic extract of cinnamon contained in this lotion, plays a cosmetic antiseptic and purifying action particularly suitable for scalps with accentuated flaking. Before using the lotion cleanse hair and scalp with SLIKAT DANDRUFF ACTIVE SHAMPOO.