Carbon Fiber Comb 100% Anti Static 230℃ Heat Resistant with Smooth Round Teeth Bristle for Hair Partition/Remove Knots/Hair Cutting/Dying/Styling

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● 100% anti-static,avoid hair sticking on face.230℃ Heat Resistant and Stress crack resistance 
Carbon Fiber(40% carbon)Cutting Combs help you to build body while blow-drying.
● Dense tooth 0.1cm Finely-space and Sparse tooth 0.2cm standard-space teeth to grip hair perfectly
●14 holes on the top of comb for cutting and hair styling(1 cm 
wide oval hole Can be used as ruler for your precision cutting).
●The half-length second tooth make it easy to pick up sections
and Hair partition.Cutting hair is handy.
● Arranged evenly,neatly and firm PC bristles.Smooth rounded 
teeth prevent your scalp from being scratched