A weekend with BES Solaire

A weekend with BES Solaire

Feb 14th 2014

Trading in skyscrapers and New York City's bustling life for a relaxing beachside getaway at the Trump International on Miami Beach, Florida, just takes the edge off. Riding my convertible through south beach, taking in the scenery and doing some people watching is the easy part.

The hard part?

Relying on a shampoo that protects my hair from the dehydration action of the sun and salt water. 


While exploring south beach we wound up starboard on a sailboat.

With sun bearing down and winds whipping, the BES Solaire Sun Protection Hair Gel came in handy. The BES Solaire Sun Protection Hair Gel helped my hair stay in shape and kept it from drying out. It gave my hair a shiny, soft and supple look. 

Cool, calm and collected — the cocktails stayed on board.


There may not be a better way to begin a Sunday morning than riding a bike along Collins Avenue to brunch. Before jumping on my rental bike, I sprayed my hair with the Sun Protection Hair Oil, The South Florida sun was no match for the hair spray, my hair was protected from the sun rays and wind. I made it to brunch with my hair in tack, my last day on south beach was all about fun in the sun.

It's the simple things in life that make people the happiest. Skipping the hair dresser this weekend, for instance. Not worrying about my hair, crease or single imperfection, no matter where you're going or where you've been.

Whether it's the first-ever weekend on south beach, a simple flight out of the city, last-minute unscheduled meeting or anything else in your busy life, BES Solaire always has your back — because great hair is all you need.