6 PCS - Durable Wet or Dry Alligator Styling Hair Clips for Women - Nonslip Grip and Wide Teeth for Easy Styling of Thick and Thin Hair (Black)

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The Alligator Hair Clips for Women are the solution you’ve been looking for to help you section off your hair for styling and drying with ease. No more sectioning off your hair by hand or pulling your ponytail, only to be left with tangles and indents in your hair. Hair professionals use hair clips to section off hair as they style and dry for precise styling and now you can get those same salon quality results at home. You might think there’s a big secret to getting that salon style, but there’s not - all it takes is a hair clip or two to section off hair so you can work to style it one step at a time.

These hair alligator clips feature a unique, flexible double-hinged design to automatically sense how much hair is in the hair clip and hold it securely in place. Whether you place a small amount of hair in the hair clip or a large amount of hair, the alligator clips will keep it place without leaving an indent in your hair, damaging it or tangling it. You can use these 4.5 inch hair clips with 0.5 inch teeth on any length of hair, from short or long, to fine or thick, and even use these hair clips to achieve casual waves-just twist hair into sections, clip into place, and blow dry.

About the product

  • DOUBLE-HINGED STYLING HAIR CLIPS - This set of 6 professional alligator hair clips are designed with unique and flexible double-hinged claws to keep your hair in place without leaving a dent, damaging it, or getting it tangled. These great hair sectioning clips make styling and hair drying easier
  • DURABLE PLASTIC HAIR ACCESSORIES - Each hair clip is made of a heavy duty plastic that is sturdy and durable enough to handle any length or type of hair. These large hair clips for women can be angled to keep hair out of your way, giving you more room to work with as you style
  • NON SLIP GRIP & EXTRA WIDE TEETH - These 4.5-inches black styling clips with extra wide 0.5-inch teeth feature a jaw like grip action to prevent hair from slipping out of the clip. They are also designed with a 3.5-inch mouth opening and a patented self-locking grip that won’t break or lose its grip while styling
  • BETTER THAN METALLIC CLIPS - Unlike metal hair pins, our lightweight hair clippers come with smoothly curved ridges and a curved pointed tip for accurate and effortless picking and the parting of wet or dry hair without hurting your head. It does not rust and its minimalist design prevents scrapes or cuts
  • PERFECT SECTIONING CLIPS - These handheld alligator sectioning hair clips are perfect for coloring, cutting and styling every men and women's hair. It sports two springs that allow them to automatically adjust to hold any kind of hair regardless of amount, thickness, or type

Step 1: Apply Heat

Towel dry wet hair. Set your dryer to desired heat and give your locks a rough dry. Gather the hair at the crown of your head, beginning with the back section. Point the nozzle at the roots, then make your way to the ends, pulling hair outward. Dry from root to tip to amplify shine and smoothness.

Step 2: Pin Layers

Immediately after drying, wrap the hair around your finger, let it cool slightly, and then insert the Hair Clip in its place. Continue this technique until you reach the front of your head.

Step 3: Allow Sections to Cool

The key in the styling process is to leave the Hair Clips in place to allow the volume to set. You’ve completed the hard part! Now relax, volume is on its way.

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    Would recommend

    Posted by Hergen Customer on Mar 12th 2019

    These are perfect for keeping unwanted hair out of my face. I've always had a hell of a time when straightening my hair because I tend to just use hair ties to separate out what sections have and haven't been done. If I tie it too tight, I get kinks in my hair. If it's too loose, it falls out. These are great. I can easily separate out the hair that's been styled versus the rest of my hair without worrying about my hair kinking or falling down into my face. Would recommend!

  • 4
    Very Strong Clips!

    Posted by Yulia on Mar 12th 2019

    I'm not quite sure how I've lived without these, honestly, and I use them for everything! I use these when I style my hair, I use these in the shower to put up my daughter's really long hair if I'm deep conditioning it, I use these when I want to wash my face at night... Seriously awesome clips! My very fine hair doesn't slip out, and the clips don't slide all over the place or fall down (a problem with many other clips I've owned). I always wondered why the clips at the salon seemed to hold my hair so well, and I finally figured out that it was because they don't use clips that are crappy! These aren't crappy either!! Definitely a good purchase :)

  • 5
    A Must Have Tool!

    Posted by Michelle on Mar 12th 2019

    I used to hold my hair with one hand while trying to straighten or curl the other sections or use hair ties, or other types of barrettes. I really love these high-quality hair clips. They have teeth so the hair doesn’t slip out yet they don’t leave those dreadful “dents” or marks in your hair. I’ve never had to use more than 4 at a time, so it’s like having several backup clips in case one break. But, the quality is so good, I would think you’d have to be pretty rough or step on top of them for them to break. I feel like it’s a must have even if you only occasionally style your hair.

  • 5
    Where have these been all my life?!

    Posted by Maria on Mar 12th 2019

    I'm a working mom so I have to keep my hair up and away from my little ones hands 90% of the day. These clips are probably the best I've ever purchased. I have long (below my shoulders), fine hair so finding something that will hold all of my hair and stay put has been nearly impossible (until I decided to try these), I'm telling you the hinged top piece has got to be the secret to these clips success (it allows the clip to contour to the amount of hair you're putting in it) -- pure genius!! I've also used these to hold back small sections of hair when curling and straightening and they do an excellent job at keeping small chucks of hair out of the way as well as my whole head of hair.

  • 5
    High quality at a great price!

    Posted by Nicole on Mar 12th 2019

    I love Hergen product. This is a great addition to the site. I purchased these for my daughter. My daughter is a dancer and always needs her hair done up. She has super thick hair and getting any kind of pin-up clips to stay in her hair while we work with it has always been a challenge, as they always seem to pop out or they break because the hair is too thick. But these work! Something about the "alligator" design of these clips really works great for her hair, and we haven't broken one yet! Also, I'm addicted to using these when working with my hair - makes the job so much easier! There were enough clips in the box that my daughter and I split them and each took 6.